Inspiring app that helps tourists find the way to you

Places of interest

  • POI list
    App is designed according to Material design guidelines, giving users a handy list, search and filter options while browsing through Places of interest.
  • 360° photo and video playback
    Enrich user experience with stunning content! Both 360° videos and photos can be played back directly from the Mobile guide.
  • Interactive map
    Browse for places in interactive map, display user location. After selecting a place, a mini info box is being displayed.
  • Rankings and reviews
    Users can review places by giving them thumb's up and posting comments with their own photos in front of the place.

Audio guide

  • Audio player
    Plug & play audio player with multi-language support.
  • Auto playback
    Use mobile guide while having your phone in the pocket - the audio track about a specific object will begin automatically when a user will come close to it. User position is determined by GPS.

Trips and navigation

  • Choose your trip
    Present your trips in mobile app, allowing users to filter them by time, distance or difficulty level. Route surface (asphalt, gravel..), object list and track preview is provided for user to make his decision selecting a trip for his day.
  • Guided trips with build-in navigation
    Mobile guide displays interactive map with route track, places to visit and user location. Map follows user location and displays basic navigation guidelines. If places are equipped with audio tracks, they fire up automatically when user gets close to them.
  • Adapted to large screens
    Improve guided tours by running application on a tablet or widescreen in tourism busses and boats. Application has a special layout for this purpose, displaying travel info (photos, videos, descriptions) and the map simultaneously. The display can be accompanied with audio guide playback.

Favorites and trip planning

  • Make your own trip
    Let the traveler create his own trips by selecting his favourite objects. Mobile guide will generate bike, walking or car route, connecting all his places.
  • Sync, share & go!
    Login with Google or Facebook account and sync your trip across multiple devices and travel website (if such is present). Users can share and work on the same trip planning simultaneously!

QR & NFC support

  • Interact with info stands
    Connect your info-stands with travelers. Fire up audio guide in your preferred language with a NFC and/or QR code attached to a stand.
  • Generate cards easy
    Generate print-ready card design for hundreds of places with a press of a button.

Sell your audio guides

  • Audio guides are obtained only in few screen touches
  • Want to make sure your clients will use the purchases for a limited amount of time. No problem!

Other features

  • Take your guide offline
    Download your favourite trips and take them anywhere with no worry about connectivity. Map region, covering the trip, is also downloaded.
  • Multilanguage
    Any number of languages supported. Despite built-in interface languages (EN, DE, RU, LV, PL, LT), you can translate it to any language with web-based translation management tool.

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